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Q: I have submitted my email but still have not received a password?

A: You must enter your complete email address in the space provided on the registration form. 



Q: I have received my password but still cannot login? 

A: Make sure you are clicking on the PvPlus Lite Free Owner Info located on the left side of the page (the Login Tab is for subscription access).  Read the Disclaimer then scroll to the bottom to enter your User ID and Password.  Enter your complete email address in the User ID box.  Double check your password, the password is alpha numeric.  Is it a 0 (zero) or a O (alpha), 1 (one) or I (alpha).  The password is also case sensitive.


Q: So I logged in now what?

A: To select a county click on the drop box, scroll down to the county you are wanting to search in and click the county to select it.  Once the county is displayed in the drop box click [Search] to proceed to the search options.


Q: How do the searches work?

A: There are 3 search options (even though you have 4 boxes). 

1.        The Assessors Account Number is a unique number used by each county to identify each individual  property.  The format for the account number will very depending on the Assessment and Cama  software packages used by each county. 

2.        Property Address Search: Do not use the House Number box just the Street box to search by property address.  When searching for property address keep the search as basic as possible by entering just the house number and the street name with the wildcard percent sign before and after the house number.  Avoid using direction, road, street, avenue, etc.. Also keep in mind on numeric street names such as 1st street it may be entered as 1st, 1 or first so if you don’t locate it one way try the others.  This is the only search that may not return a positive result even when you enter the information correctly, since the counties have not entered all the property address.

Example property address search: %406%Broadway (Enter in Street box only) 

3.        Owner names are stored last name first, so John Doe is stored Doe, John.  Instead of searching for Doe, John enter Doe%John.  The % (percent sign) is used as a wildcard character allowing your search to return all records that have Doe John in them.  This search would return “Doe, R John”, “Doe, John”, “Doe, Jane & John”.

Once you have entered your search criteria click the [Search] button, this will display your search results in a string with the account number, owner name and property address.  Clicking on the account number will display the property detail sheet.


Q: How frequently are the records update?

A: The databases are typically updated every 30 – 90 days.


Q: Do you sell banner advertising space?  If so, how much do you charge?

A: Yes, we sell banner ad space.  There are 2 banner for each county and you can purchase advertising on one or both banners for one or multiple counties.  The pricing is either by the week or the month and cost will vary from county to county.  For more information on advertising on PvPlus Lite call or email.